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Researcher at the County of Oxford Archives The Archives Staff provide both an information service to the County of Oxford municipal government and research access to the general public.The County of Oxford Archives makes available the records of Oxford County by assisting researchers from within and outside the municipality; providing information to potential users about its holdings, resources, and research processes; instructing users about utilizing the Archives; and providing references to other repositories or resources.

Hours of operation, Accessibility, Registration, Handling Records

Photocopying / Photograph Reproduction

Depending on the fragility and stability of the original document, reproduction may be allowed. This will be the responsibility of the Archives Staff. Please note that there is a fee for this service. Copyright clearance is the responsibility of the researcher.
Photocopying will be conducted on-site but photo reproduction will be conducted off-site and may take several weeks to complete.

Custom Microfilming

Microfilm viewer

Microfilming of documents is the preferred method of preserving the information on documents.

Arrangements can be made for reproduction on 35 mm archival quality film (silver positive and negative). This includes preparation of target sheets, a copyright statement for each reel and a counter display with each frame, if desired.

Paper Conservation and Repair

Staff Archivists offer professional paper conservation and preservation services at competitive prices. This work includes dry or wet surface cleaning, deacidification, paper repair and mylar encapsulation.

Examples of conservation work

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