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Official Plan

The Oxford County Official Plan is the policy document that establishes the overall land use strategy for both the County and the eight area municipalities that comprise the County.

The policies and land use schedules contained in the Official Plan establish locational and development review requirements for various land uses (residential, commercial, industrial,institutional, parks, etc.), set out how agricultural land and other natural features and cultural heritageresources are to be protected and provide direction on how environmental constraints are to beaddressed. The Official Plan also helps to guide municipal decisions with respect to infrastructure,public services and other investments.

 Official Plan text and schedules

 Official Plan review

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Special Projects

The Community Planning Office is also responsible for undertaking various planning related 'special projects' on behalf of the County and Area Municipalities, such as:

Official Plan Text & Schedules

The Oxford County Official Plan text and Schedules are provided for public information purposes only.

The current Official Plan was adopted by Oxford County Council on December 13, 1995.  The contents of the Official Plan reflect the latest consolidation of Official Plan amendments, as of March 31, 2021. For more up to date information please contact our office.

In any situation where the printed Official Plan text or Schedules (maps) of Oxford County differ from electronic versions contained in the website, the official printed publications take precedence.

Users of this electronic information should verify it with the printed official information before acting on it.

Official versions of all Official Plan Schedules (maps) and related information can be obtained from Oxford County Community Planning Office by calling (519) 539-9800.

Below is the Official Plan broken down by chapter.

Table of Contents

Council Approved Amendments

List of Amendments

Listing of Schedule/Figure Modifications

 1.0 - Introduction (incl. Planning Responsibilities, Organization, Time Frames, Definitions...)
 2.0 - County Development Strategy(incl. Planning Principles)
 3.0 - Natural Resource Management Policies
 4.0 - Growth Management Policies (incl. Strategic Approach & Policies)
 5.0 - Functional Support Elements (incl. Support, Transportation Policy, Servicing Policy, Public Uses …)

Official Plan Review

Why Update the Official Plan?

The County is committed to regularly reviewing and, where necessary, updating its Official Plan policies to ensure they remain current, consistent with Provincial legislation and policies, and reflective of local planning principles and objectives as the community continues to grow and change.

The Official Plan is updated through review of relevant legislation, policies, regulations, guidelines, studies and other information, agency and public/stakeholder consultation and consideration of the local land use context to identify and develop recommended policy changes for Council’s consideration. The Official Plan update is a multi-year process that will:

  • Incorporate updates to provincial legislation, regulations, and policies.
  • Integrate new and updated County policy initiatives and plans.
  • Include opportunities for public engagement.
  • Guide growth and development for a 25-year period (currently 2021–2046)

Initiating the Official Plan update

October 13, 2021 marks the formal initiation of the review and update of the Official Plan.  Check out the staff report and learn more here

What is being looked at?

The County of Oxford is currently reviewing the following Official Plan policy areas:

Recent work has also been undertaken with respect to updates to:

The County may add additional policy review areas in the future. The need for revisions, and the exact nature of specific policy revisions, will be determined as the County proceeds through the review process..

Public Input

Opportunities for public input on the above-noted review components have and/or will be provided during the review process (see specific policy area pages for more details).

If you have any questions about any aspect of the Official Plan Review, please contact us or email us at for more information or to request notice for updates on the Official Plan Review.