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Oxford County updates population and employment forecasts and land needs analysis every five years. In April, a draft of the Phase 1 Comprehensive Review Study was presented to County Council.

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Growth Management

Provincial policy directs that the County, in consultation with Area Municipalities, shall identify, coordinate and allocate population, housing and employment projections for the Area Municipalities, identify areas where growth or development will be directed, and identify targets for intensification and re-development. To address this requirement, Oxford County updates the growth forecasts and land need analysis for the County and Area Municipalities approximately every five years.

The most recent update is the Oxford County Phase 1 Comprehensive Review study, which was adopted by County Council on April 8, 2020. This study provides the most current growth assumptions and land supply analysis (including any potential land need) for Oxford and all eight Area Municipalities. The information in the study is used to inform the Official Plan growth management policies as well as planning for infrastructure and various other County and Area Municipal growth related projects and initiatives. 

According to the study, Oxford County is expected to grow in population by 47,000 and add approximately 21,000 new jobs over the 30 year period 2016-2046.  Over this same period, the number of households is expected to grow by approximately 18,300.

The forecasts for the County are summarized as follows:

FORECAST: Total population | Oxford County (2016-2046)

 2016  2021  2026  2031  2036  2041  2046  GROWTH
 113,940        122,890       130,300       138,100       146,060       153,6800       161,050       47,110

FORECAST: Total occupied households | Oxford County (2016-2046)

 2016  2021  2026  2031  2036  2041  2046  GROWTH
 44,280       48,230       51,330       54,410       57,430       60,070       62,600       18,320

FORECAST: Total employment | Oxford County (2016-2046)

 2016  2021  2026  2031  2036  2041  2046  GROWTH
 57,320       62,080       64,570       67,170       70,400       74,110       78,390       21,070    

Questions regarding the County’s growth forecasts can be directed to the Manager of Planning Policy.