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Register now: Creating Safer Spaces Workshop (Tuesday April 26, 9am)

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Who we are:

The County of Oxford is the Destination Management Organization (DMO) for Oxford County.  As the DMO the County has two primary roles

  • Learning opportunities: including  training, workshops and resources to help grow their tourism business. 
  • Research tourism trends and monitor tourism statistics for Oxford County
  • Sustainable tourism growth and green tourism practices
  • Collaboration: Bringing partners together to work on product development and marketing
  • Business coaching: Oxford regularly meets with businesses to share information about trends, opportunities, resources and to be a sounding board for businesses as they look to attract more visitors. Contact us for a quick phone call or to schedule a time to meet.

See our list of tourism research and resources.

  • Destination Website: ongoing development and promotion of the destination website
  • Advertising: year-round advertising (digital, print, other)
  • Social Media: ongoing management of a range of social media channels
  • Database Marketing: year-round email database acquisition activities and email marketing campaigns
  • Print Collateral: development and distribution of a range of printed promotional materials
  • Collaborative Marketing Programs: development and execution of a range of collaborative marketing programs which leverage available funding from Regional and Provincial tourism organizations and, cooperative partnerships with local tourism operators to leverage investments around themed product offerings (including Oxford County Cheese Trail, Embrace Our Rural Roots, Oxford Fresh)
  • Visual Assets: ongoing development of photography and video assets used to market the destination
  • Travel Media: Coordination of travel media visits and media coverage
  • Signage: destination and attraction signage programs

See our Partnerships and Advertising Opportunities

This work does not occur in isolation but is in partnership with local businesses and organizations. Therefore we encourage you to keep in touch.. Share with us your successes, new products and discuss your ideas with us. Subscribe to our Industry Newsletter to keep informed about Tourism Oxford’s activities, workshops and opportunities (Read our 2021 Review). We also recommend you subscribe to other newsletters to keep informed about Tourism & Economic Development in Oxford County & Ontario. See our resources section for other agencies to connect with, research, and opportunities.

Oxford County gratefully acknowledges the support of FedDev Ontario for tourism businesses in Oxford County.

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