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The Trans Canada Trail will be closed June 18 & 19 from 7am-5pm, from Tillson Avenue to Broadway Street, Tilsonburg.

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Trails Master Plan

The Trails Master Plan sets out a framework for developing and maintaining the trail system in Oxford County over the next 20 years. The County will work with area municipalities, service groups, and the Oxford County Trails Council to help design and implement new trails in the system.

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Notice of Completion: Trails Master Plan
View full report: Trails Master Plan

Table of contents


Chapter 1 - Direction of the Master Plan

Chapter 2 - Trails in Oxford County

Chapter 3 - Developing and designing the trails network

Chapter 4 - Facilitating and coordinating implementing

Appendix A - A summary of background policies and plans

Appendix B - Summary of consultation activities

Appendix C - Trail designer's toolbox

Appendix D - Land acquisition strategies

Appendix E - On and off-road maintenance

Appendix F - Unit price schedule

Appendix G - Performance measures

Map 3.1  Existing conditions county-wide

Map 3.2  Route network concept county-wide

Map 3.3  Urban enlargement areas route network conceptOxford County Trails council

Map 3.4  Oxford County

Map 3.5  City of Woodstock facility types

Map 3.6  Town of Tillsonburg facility types

Map 3.7  Township of Blanford-Blenheim facility types

Map 3.8  Town of Ingersoll facility types

Map 3.9  Township of Zorra facility types

Map 3.10 Township of South-West Oxford facility types

Map 3.11 Township of East Zorra-Tavistock facility types

Map 3.12 Township of Norwich facility types

Map 3.13 Oxford County Priority Projects