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The following are a list of trails in Oxford County.

Many of the trails offer picnic tables for family snacks and varying other facilities. It is important to note that there is no motorized vehicles allowed at any time on the trails.

For more information, contact information is provided with each trail description.

Avon Trail
Avon Trail which covers 113 kilometres through scenic countryside. It begins where the Thames Valley Trail finishes in St. Marys and ends in the village of Conestogo where it meets the Grand Valley Trail. A very picturesque part of it winds through the Harrington area.
Chesney Wilderness Area Trail
The trail starts on a long wide grassy lane, which goes into a mature hardwood bush. It then goes into an array of vegetation: pine, cedar, wetland and field. There is one steeper hill, but is not overly difficult. A wonderful hike, particularly in its autumn glory. This 40.5 ha (100 aces) of land was the first reforestation plot in the County in 1944. Similar tracts were established in Drumbo, Centreville, Innerkip, Embro adn Lakeside. Length - 4 Km... Difficulty - Easy to moderate... Facilities - Parking... Trail Uses - Walking/cross-country skiing... Location - Oxford Road 29, just west of Oxford Road 22.
Embro Pond Conservation Area Trail
This well-maintained trail is packed earth and has wood chips on large sections. There are several loops, so hikers can go as short or long a distance as they desire. A great place for a family picnic and hike.
Hickson Trail
Once a piece of rail line from Stratford to Port Dover, it was purchased by the Ministry of Natural Resources. Now it is used by cyclists, walkers, and birdwatchers. This trail goes from Pittock Park Rd., north to Braemar Side Rd.
Husky Trail ~ Pittock Conservation Area
Pittock Conservation Area has picnic and overnight camping facilities on the north side of Pittock Lake. The trail goes through a pine plantation and then swings back near the railway tracks. The park is open from late April to the Thanksgiving weekend in October. There is an admission fee.
John Lawson Park
John Lawson Park and Trail follows the Thames River in Ingersoll and is in a mixed wood, which provides hikers with the joy of seeing a variety of vegetation and the opportunity to do some bird watching. There is one steeper hill, but generally the terrain is easy-going. The trail is wide and well-maintained, and there are many internal loops. There can be wet spots in the spring or if there has been a lot of rain. It is a great hiking area. Please remember when walking your dog to have it on a leash and to clean up after it.
Leash Free Dog Park - Woodstock (Roth Park)
Roth Park is on the south side of Pittock Lake and maintained by UTRCA * 74.1 acres * Washroom Facilities * Picnic Shelter & area * Rowing club * Leash free fenced dog park * Parking * Thames River * Trail-South shore is wide with paved areas, hard packed dirt and provides a lovely view over the lake, there are side trails that branch through pine plantation which link back to main trail and Lansdowne Ave. The trail going west from Huron St., goes by the dam and then along the Thames River. A new section of trail has been completed that allows the hiker to go under the railway bridge and Hwy # 59 and arrive at Tecumseh St. Across the street is the entrance to the Millennium Trail System.
Millennium Trail System, Woodstock
The Millenium Trail System includes trails developed and maintained by the City of Woodstock, Woodstock Rotary Club, Woodstock Lions Club and Youth Start. The trail follows the banks of the Thames River, through mixed hardwood and softwood forests, marshland and some retired agricultural areas, which are slated for reforestation. Hikers may spot the occasional deer, beaver, blue heron and other interesting wildlife. Black berries may be ripe for the picking. Though the trails are not connected at this time, they are in close proximity to each other. Although sections of the trail are under restoration, they can be used.
Oxford Thames River Trail (Beachville Trail)
June 2011 saw the official opening of the first two kilometers of the Oxford Thames River Trail, Beachville. The Trails Council is slowly moving ahead, towards the goal of linking Woodstock to Ingersoll and beyond. This special area along the banks of the Thames River, nestled between two railway lines, is ideal for hiking, cross-country skiing, and bird watching. The Upper Thames River Conservation Authority has embarked on its plan to plant 1880 native trees and shrubs and 5 acres of tall-grass prairie. Approximately 0.5 acres of wetland habitat will be improved through the planting of a treed buffer, 1000 aquatic plants & wetland seed to increase biodiversity, and 10 bluebird nest boxes will be installed.
Thomas Ingersoll Scenic Trail
This trail extends from the Cheese Museum on Plank Line to the Gazebo in downtown Ingersoll. Trail users will go through Centennial Park, walk by the Creative Arts Centre and Victoria Park Community Centre, enjoy the beauty of Smiths Pond, enter Memorial Park and be able to relax in the Gazebo at the end of the trail. Trail maps are posted in the Gazebo and at the Canterbury St. entrance to Smith’s Pond.
Tillsonburg Conservation Area (Cadman Park)
Tillsonburg Conservation Area (Cadman Park) – Experience the flora and fauna while walking on this one kilometer loop. Ample parking available on site with a small picnic area and scattered mature shade trees in a very peaceful setting.
Trans Canada Trail and McLaughlin Way Trail
Tillsonburg Trans Canada Trail – Enjoy a serene walk from the north end of Tillsonburg over the Hawkins Bridge at Lake Lisgar. Stop for a break and enjoy the fountain and the gazebo overlooking the lake. Continue along Concession Street to Kinsmen Participark and take a break at the picnic area. If time is limited you can drive and park at Participark for a 2.5 km return trail walk . The Trans Canada trail continues over Baldwin Street to Borden Crescent and connects to the south end of the Trans Canada Trail at the Bridges at Tillsonburg Golf Course. The Tillsonburg portion of the Trans Canada Trail ends at Clearview Drive and connects with the Trans Canada Trail to Bayham. Mc Laughlin Way – Creates a connection between the Hawkins Bridge at Lake Lisgar heading north to Lisgar Avenue. The trail has a limestone surface.
Trans Canada Trail Borden Crescent Trail and Trans Canada Trail Carroll Trail
Borden Crescent - At the south end of Participark the trail goes up on to Baldwin St. and goes a short distance, west on Baldwin St.. The trail continues south off Baldwin St. to Border Cres. and John Pound Rd. It then follows the south side of John Pound Rd. to Mabee’s Sideroad and connects with Highway #3. There is a small secondary trail on land owned by the Tripp family at the beginning of the trail. This area is more challenging to traverse than most trails in the system. Carroll Trail – This trail is full of beautiful vistas and has several bridges to cross, hence the name the Bridges at Tillsonburg Golf Course. This trail is unique as it interfaces with a golf course and portions of the trail sections are shared with the golfers. There is an opportunity to see fish, birds, otters, deer and smaller wildlife as well as some significant Carolinian trees; even a major railroad trestle from the 1880’s. There are several well placed benches along the way to get a rest and enjoy the unique views. The trail can be accessed by following Simcoe Street to Old Vienna Road or from Highway 19 South, follow the signs to the park.
Trans Canada Trail Kinsmen Participark and Veterans Memorial Walkway
Kinsmen Participark – This 1.2 kilometer linear limestone trail passes from north to south along Stony Creek. In the spring you can see fish spawning and experience flora and fauna in this valley setting. This is a great trail walk on windy days as the area is very sheltered due to the topography. There is access to downtown shopping via an exit to Washington Grand Avenue. The trail is now part of the Tillsonburg Trans Canada trail. Veterans Memorial Walkway - This paved trail with lights, is a major connection for residents of Baldwin Place and Hickory Hills. The trail intersects Participark over the Kinsmen Bridge to Bridge Street and is a well used access for downtown shopping and services.
Trillium Woods Trail
This wide, well maintained trail is a single loop through a mature maple sugar bush. It is a pleasant walk for the whole family. This delightful trail is located across the street from Jakeman's Maple Products.
Woodstock Cycling Club ~ The Pines
Biking trails on property leased by the Woodstock Cycling Club, who construct and maintain the trails * helmets are mandatory for all riders * three sets of trails at the Pines, Green (Family), Blue (Intermediate), Black (Technical) * all trails are clearly marked for safe riding and no fear of getting lost. Porta potty's are available and located within the main parking lot. Club members are always willing to provide guided tours if timing works out * contact us through the website at woodstockcyclingclub.ca Membership or Day Pass is required. The lands are patrolled by Upper Thames CA. No hiking is permited at any time on the trails. Also on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/301728763256/


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