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June 21, 2022
New traffic calming measures in Oxford County

Public works staff will be implementing several traffic calming measures this month in Embro, Beachville, Tavistock, Uniondale, Thamesford and Delmer.

New traffic calming measures in Oxford County include centre line delineators, shark’s teeth, speed zone adjustments and speed feedback signs.

You can read more about the new traffic calming measures happening in your community below:

EMBRO - Public Works staff will be installing new centre-line delineators on Oxford Road 6 through the community of Embro. These flexible traffic delineators are affixed to the centre line to create the perception of road narrowing, which supports calming traffic and reduced vehicle speeds. The collapsible design can withstand vehicle impacts. The delineators are a seasonal traffic-calming measure removed in the winter months for winter road maintenance activities.

BEACHVILLE - Speed limit adjustments will be implemented in Beachville. The 80 km/h to 50 km/h transition zone on the west side of Beachville will be extended further east to align with the village limits and built up area of Beachville. The County is installing new centre-line delineators where the new 50 km/h zones begin in the westbound and eastbound locations. You will also notice the addition of “shark’s teeth” pavement markings for incoming traffic when the 50 km/h zone begins. This will make it seem like the lanes are getting narrower in an effort to support traffic calming and curb speeding in the community.

UNIONDALE - Motorists and residents in the Village of Uniondale (Township of Zorra), please be aware of a new 60km/hr speed zone on Oxford Rd 28, east of Oxford Rd 119 to the Firehall. Speed zone adjustments and new electronic speed feedback signs will be implemented on Oxford Rd 119 at southbound and northbound village approaches to align with the built-up areas and slow incoming traffic.

TAVISTOCK – Watch for new electronic speed feedback signs on Oxford Rd 24, east of Fuhr Street and on Oxford Rd 59 at the south limit of the 50 km/h zone for incoming traffic.

THAMESFORD - Oxford County Council has approved speed zone changes on Oxford Rd 119 in Thamesford. Speeds will gradually transition from 80 km/h to 50 km/h upon entering the town to align with the built up area and driving environment. An electronic speed feedback sign will be installed on Oxford Rd 119 for incoming traffic where the 60 km/h zone begins.

DELMER - New electronic speed feedback signs will be installed on Oxford Rd 20 when approaching the village of Delmer. Also, watch for new transverse pavement marking bars on Oxford Rd 20 in advance of the 60 km/h speed zone.