Services for You Long Term Care Visitor Guidelines

Visitor Guidelines

Updated April 19, 2022

Update: Visitor restrictions for Woodstock & Ingersoll sites

Woodingford Lodge sites in Woodstock and Ingersoll are in outbreak status for COVID-19.

  • Only essential visitors as defined in the Fixing Long-Term Care Homes Act, 2021, which includes designated caregivers, are allowed to visit at this time and only one visitor per resident at any time, unless a resident becomes palliative. 
  • All essential visitors entering an isolation room will be required to wear full PPE (personal protective equipment). 
  • Family members will be notified if a resident in these homes develops symptoms or tests positive.

Visitor guidelines (non-outbreak)

Woodingford Lodge updated its general (non-outbreak) visitor guidelines effective April 11, 2022. These guidelines currently apply to the Tillsonburg site. 

  • Vaccination status: Anyone entering inside a Woodingford Lodge facility must be fully vaccinated, unless visiting a resident receiving palliative care. For the Government of Ontario explanation of full vaccination, please check here. Vaccination is not required for outdoor visits.
  • Screening and testing: All visitors, both indoors and outdoors, are required to sign in and pass the COVID-19 screening questionnaire. If you are here for an indoor visit, you must also complete a COVID-19 rapid antigen test before proceeding further into the home. It takes approximately 20 minutes to wait for test results.
  • Masks: Masks are required at all times, for both indoor and outdoor visits.
  • Physical distancing: There is no limit on the number of visitors or restrictions on physical contact or activities. Please note this is subject to change if a home is in outbreak status.
  • Advanced booking of visits is no longer required.

Palliative visits

If you are visiting a resident receiving palliative care, you may be asked to undergo a rapid antigen test.

Visits during an outbreak

If you are visiting a resident in an area where there is a COVID-19 outbreak, you must wear eye protection and other required PPE (personal protective equipment) when entering a resident’s room. Residents in an outbreak area can only receive one essential visitor at a time. Under the Fixing Long-Term Care Homes Act, 2021, the four types of essential visitors are:

(a) a caregiver (at Woodingford, this means you are on file as a designated caregiver)
(b) a support worker who visits a home to provide support to the critical operations of the home or to provide essential services to residents,
(c) a person visiting a very ill resident for compassionate reasons including, but not limited to, hospice services or end-of life care, or
(d) a government inspector with a statutory right to enter a long-term care home to carry out their duties.


Please ask a staff member or call 519-421-5556 if you have questions.

Before you visit

Before you visit Woodingford Lodge, please review the following health and safety procedure documents and videos. Doing so will help to keep yourself and everyone at Woodingford safe.

  • Putting on full personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Taking off full personal protective equipment (PPE)