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Oxford County currently provides water services for 21 communities with approximately 31,500 customers and wastewater services for 11 communities with approximately 29,000 customers. The County does not directly bill residents, but instead uses a third-party billing provider to charge and collect water and wastewater fees. 

A new bill for Woodstock residents 

ERTH Solutions took over the billing for water and wastewater services in Woodstock on behalf of Oxford County on February 1, 2016. As a result, Woodstock residents who were previously billed for water and wastewater on their Woodstock Hydro bill now receive a separate bill for these services from ERTH Solutions.

How to pay your new bill

ERTH Solutions offers several convenient ways to pay your water/wastewater bill. Remember, if you pay your bill electronically - either through online banking or a pre-authorized payment (PAP) plan - you will need to set up for these options with ERTH Solutions to make sure there is no interruption to your bill payments. For privacy purposes, banking information could not be transferred to ERTH Solutions. To continue paying the electricity bill portion of your bill to Woodstock Hydro, do not make any changes to your account information for Woodstock Hydro. 

To make a payment, visit

Additional information

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