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Sewer use by-law enforcement

Oxford County owns and operates all wastewater collection systems and treatment facilities within Oxford County.

All collection systems are operated by Oxford County staff, with the exception of the systems in Woodstock and Tillsonburg, which are operated by the City of Woodstock and the Town of Tillsonburg, respectively.

The Oxford County Biosolids Management Master Plan (BMMP) requires adherence to the Oxford County 6270-2020 Modernized Sewer Use By-law.

The County Sewer Use By-law staff collect "grab" or "composite" samples of several industrial and commercial discharges into the sanitary sewers to ensure compliance with the By-law. Unusual conditions such as higher than usual flows, unusual colour, large volumes of high solids or oil and grease waste streams, etc. can damage the wastewater collection system and cause upsets to the wastewater treatment facilities.

Industrial, Commercial, Institutional Information

Discharger Information Report-Short Form
Discharger Information Report- Long Form
Septage Haulers

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Residential Oil and Grease
Toilets are not trash cans
Sinks are not trash cans
Draining your pool or hot tub
Dental Safety – Protect Our Environment

Image with text: Do not flush wet wipes  

Oxford County reminds residents that wet wipes, even those labelled “flushable,” are not flushable and cost millions of dollars in damage each year to municipal wastewater systems. Please throw wet wipes and flushable wipes in the garbage, not in the toilet.

Read County Council Report No. PW 2020-02
Oxford County supports the City of Kitchener and Ryerson University recommendations regarding single-use disposable wipes

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Sanitary Sewer
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