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2019 Housing Forum: Solution Development Workshop Summary Report

Housing is essential to the wellbeing and economic vibrancy of our communities, but demand has been exceeding supply for decades. Held on February 7, 2019, Housing Let’s Get Into It: Municipalities Building Solutions to the Housing Crisis brought together 200 municipal councillors, municipal senior staff, planners, housing providers, builders, economic development officers and health planners from across southwestern Ontario to hear expert speakers and collaborate on a solutions “toolbox” for their small urban and rural communities. Full agenda, speaker bios and presentations can be viewed at | 2019 Oxford County Housing infographic

Draft Zero Poverty PlanDraft Zero Poverty Plan

Seven months after a decision by County Council to work towards achieving zero poverty, Oxford County and its partners released the Draft Zero Poverty Plan in June 2018. Emphasis in the Draft Zero Poverty Plan is on promoting transformation and stakeholder engagement in working towards zero poverty. Additionally, the draft plan promotes the integration of zero poverty strategies across sectors, for instance, in planning to address housing needs and by addressing health, mental health and addictions in the community. More.

Also: Calculating a Living Wage for Oxford County (Feb 2018)

Oxford County Ontario Early Years Child and Family Centre Community Needs Assessment and Initial PlanOntario Early Years Child and Family Centre Community Needs Assessment and Initial Plan

A community needs assessment was undertaken in September 2017 as part of the provincial government's Ontario Early Years Child and Familes Centres plan. This work engaged a wide range of stakeholders and community partners, with the final report helping to drive forward the community's work in transforming early years programs beginning in 2018. More

2014-2016 Child Care Plan

The sustainability of Oxford County's child care system has been impacted in recent years by major changes such as full-day kindergarten, the new early years policy framework, and the transfer of child care responsibilities to a new government ministry.  More

Housing and Homelessness Plan (2013)

Oxford County Human Services released its 10-year housing and homelessness plan in 2013. This plan identifies housing needs, priority issues, and provide recommendations on how to address housing and homelessness in Oxford County.  More

Oxford County Master Aging Plan (2013)

The Oxford County Master Aging Plan serves as a road map for the future development of services for seniors in Oxford County. The Plan is a “living document” that can be used as a template to guide planning by services agencies, different levels of government, businesses and the community.   More