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Competency Framework

In 2015, Oxford County introduced a competency-based framework to provide employees with an understanding of the behaviours and skills necessary to do their job successfully and to support the organization’s Strategic Plan. This year, following the learning and development review, Human Resources staff updated the competency framework based on the experiences utilizing the framework to date.
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The updated Competency Framework Employee Handbook will continue to influence human resources practices and initiatives related to employee engagement, talent management, and effective leadership. Among the updates, are category adjustments and further clarification on core competencies and their application within the organization.

Competency Framework Handbook

Released October 2017

Download the full Competency Framework Handbook (PDF)

Report sections

Table of contents
Core competencies
Leadership competencies
Appendix 1 - Core competency model
Appendix 2 - Core competencies across organizational roles
Appendix 3 - Leadership competency model for Oxford County
Appendix 4 - Leadership competencies by level

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