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Long-term Care Service Review



Service Review documents released


April 7, 2014


Oxford County is releasing the planning documents and final report for the Woodingford Lodge Service Review. This includes:



Correspondence to Premier of Ontario and Minister of Health and Long-Term Care


Letter to Premier of Ontario and Minister of Health & Long-Term Care (April 4, 2012)


One of the recommendations adopted by County Council on March 26 included advocating for regulatory reform to give municipalities greater control in how they deliver long-term care. This would include:

  • allowing municipalities to opt out of providing long-term care, a service they are required to offer under current legislation;
  • offering municipalities greater flexibility in some operating decisions;
  • the ability to influence how long-term care beds are consolidated in a community; and
  • appropriate funding levels to support municipal long-term care.

A letter to Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and Minister of Health & Long-Term Care Deborah Matthews summarizing the reasons Oxford County is asking for legislative and regulatory reform was issued on April 4 from Oxford County Warden Don McKay.





March 26, 2014

County Council accepts Woodingford Lodge Service Review recommendations
County Council accepted recommendations from the Woodingford Lodge Service Review this evening that propose maintaining all three sites of the long-term care home, while continuing to advocate for regulatory reform that would give municipalities greater control in how they deliver long-term care.
Read the full news release

View the County Council presentation, March 26, 2014

Read the County Council report, March 26, 2014


March 21, 2014

Recommendations from Woodingford Lodge service review to be presented to Council 
County Council will discuss the seven options considered for the future of Woodingford Lodge at the March 26 Council meeting. The approach coming out of the service review for the long-term care facility recommends that the County continue operating Woodingford as it has been, while at the same time continuing to pursue operating efficiencies and advocate for reform in how the province regulates municipal long-term care.
Read the summary in Council this Week, March 21

Read Council Report CAO 2014-05 in the March 26 agenda

March 27, 2013
Update to Residents: Woodingford Lodge Service Review Update
The first meeting of the Woodingford Lodge Ad Hoc Committee takes place this evening, Wednesday, March 27. The meeting will discuss the work plan for the review, timelines, and what will be brought forward to Council at the end of the review, which will be carried out under the leadership of the Service Review Team. We expect the outcome to be a series of recommendations on how the County can best move forward with providing long-term care services in the future.


February 13, 2013

News release: Council endorses Woodingford Lodge Service Review

Oxford County Council endorsed a service review of Woodingford Lodge today with the approval of a temporary ad hoc committee that will oversee and provide advice during the service review process. The key focus of the service review will be to study operations at the long-term care facility and assess how health services can be delivered in the most cost-effective way.


Woodingford Lodge Service Review Ad Hoc Committee


Councillor David Mayberry  (Mayor, Township of South-West Oxford)

Councillor Sandra Talbot  (Councillor, City of Woodstock)

Councillor Marion Wearn  (Mayor, Township of Blandford-Blenheim)

Warden Don McKay  (Mayor, Township of East Zorra-Tavistock)

Acting Warden Margaret Lupton  (Mayor, Township of Zorra)


Service Review Team members


Peter Crockett, Chief Administrative Officer, County of Oxford

Lynn Buchner, Director of Corporate Services and Treasurer

Corrie Fransen, Corporate Manager and Administrator, Woodingford Lodge

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