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Family history & memory book

Welcome to the Oxford County Archives

We are committed to preserving Oxford County's archival heritage for future generations and making it available to the public.

What we do

The Oxford County Archives acquires, preserves, and makes accessible inactive public records created by, for, and about Oxford County.

These records include:

  • Administrative
  • Legal
  • Fiscal
  • Genealogical records
  • Historical and cultural records of Oxford County 1850 to the present, and its predecessor, the District of Brock, 1842 to 1849.

If you have some materials that you are considering donating, please contact the archivists. Staff are always interested in receiving new acquisitions, provided that the materials meet the terms of our mandate of collecting materials relating to the people, places and history of Oxford County. Archives staff facilitate and monitor public access to the archival information as prescribed by the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, 1990.

What we offer

The Oxford County Archives also endeavours to increase public awareness of the rich cultural heritage of Oxford County through the implementation of a comprehensive outreach program, including presentations, exhibits, and education programs. See the “Our Services” section for more information on the types of educational programming we currently offer.

Who we are

Oxford County Archives staff consists of:

Liz Dommasch (Archivist)
Megan Lockhart (Archives Technician)

Contact Us

County of Oxford Archives
82 Light Street Woodstock,
Ontario N4S 6H1
T: Archivist: 519-539-9800 x 3071

Archives Technician: 519-539-9800 x 3070

Oxford County Archives on Social Media

The Oxford County Archives has been working hard to make our records more accessible. We regularly post updates about or programs and services on the Oxford County Facebook page and share content on the County's YouTube channel. The Archives is also active on Instagram where we share historical photographs and records from our collection and post snapshots of our work behind the scenes. You can check us out on Instagram by following : @oxfordcountyarchives, or by clicking on the link under the adjacent "Quick Links" section.

Contact Us

County of Oxford Archives
82 Light Street
Woodstock, Ontario
N4S 6H1
T: Liz Dommasch (County Archivist):519-539-9800 x 3071

Megan Lockhart (Archives Technician):519-539-9800 x 3070