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Declaration and Dissolutions of Partnerships

Declaration & Dissolutions of Partnerships

In Ontario, all business partnerships, formed and dissolved, are to be registered with the Registry Office (Service Ontario). Early declarations and dissolutions provide a fascinating history into early businesses in the county and those that operated them. As businesses in Tillsonburg could register their partnerships in either Oxford, Norfolk or Elgin County, this database is not a complete list of Tillsonburg businesses. However, it does give insight into the development of the town over an almost 85 year period. For those wishing to access these partnerships, or would like to know more, please contact archives staff.

To find a business's declaration or dissolution of partnership in this database, use the search bar below. Search terms that can be used include the business name, the name of an owner, the type of business, or a date. Once you have typed in your search term, click "search" and your results will appear.