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Honouring Oxford

The Cenotaphs and Memorials of the Great War.

In November of 2018, the Oxford County Archives commemorated the local communities that chose to honour their fallen through the creation of lasting memorials and monuments with the publication of a book entitled “Honouring Oxford: Memorials and Cenotaphs of the Great War”. The book tells the story of the erection of the monuments and cenotaphs following the First World War and highlights the lives and achievements of some of the fallen individuals listed upon them.

The Honouring Oxford project, an online exhibit and interactive map, aims to tell just some of the stories behind Oxford’s First World War memorials and to shine a light on the many lives that were lost during the war. This interactive exhibit will help you navigate the stories behind the memorials and find their location in Oxford County.

For further information on the County’s WWI monuments and cenotaphs please refer to the Archives recent publication entitled “Honouring Oxford: Memorials and Cenotaphs of the Great War." Copies are available at the County of Oxford Archives for $25.00.

To see all of the WW1 Cenotaphs and Memorials located in Oxford County please have a look at our interactive map.