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Our Collection


Our archival collection includes records from a variety of sources including private donors, local institutions and corporations, churches, educational institutions, heritage/cultural institutions, municipalities, and community/charity organizations. The materials we collect are almost always exclusively archival in nature with a few exceptions. Some examples of archival records include letters, newspapers, photographs, moving images and audio materials, artwork, books, diaries, financial receipts and account books, land deeds, wills, vital records and their digital equivalents. These are only a few examples of the types of records archives collect.

Not only do our archivists strive to preserve these records for posterity but to also make them publicly accessible. Archives have specific guidelines and standards for how collections may be used and while most of our collection is publicly available there are some exceptions. See our “Research” section for more information on accessing records.

*For information relating to a specific collection at the Oxford County Archives, select a fonds from our list of collections in the right hand side.

Collections Mandate

The Oxford County Archives acquires, preserves, and makes accessible inactive public records created by, for, and about Oxford County. This includes administrative records, legal records, fiscal records, and historical records of Oxford County (1850 to the present) and its predecessor, the District of Brock (1842 to 1849).

Collections Database

Archeion is an online, publicly accessible and searchable database containing information about archival collections held by organizations all over Ontario. Detailed descriptions of our collection can be accessed on the Archeion website by clicking the link below:

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